Another year and hoping for the job
Tuesday, Jan. 02, 2007 ~ 10:56 p.m.

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Would you look at that? Another year has come about and everything is still about normal. Well, except for the fact that I am again without a job, but the same day I found out that I wouldn't have a job, I also got a call for an interview. I had the interview the day after my last day at the seasonal job (the last day was the day after I found out I wasn't going to be working anymore. To say the least, I was not impressed with Sear's here in Dover at all).

I should find out about this other job here in the next day or so, hopefully.

If this job comes to pass, it will be better and it will be a set schedule. The down sides are the fact that the position is 12-8am and Mike has to be at work at 6am. Also, every holiday is mandatory (unless it falls on a regular day off), but if I work a holiday, it's time and a half plus 8 hours holiday pay. So, I get paid for the equivalent of 20 hours for an 8 hour day. That's kinda nice. There's two weeks of vacation per year that you can use as soon as you accrue it. You can use it one day at a time, or wait until you accrue a full week and take a week off, or something.

With all the job related set backs that I've had here recently, I have a hard time feeling hopeful about this. I do want the job, it sounds like it will be something that I will enjoy much more than I've enjoyed any of my other jobs here lately, and it doesn't sound as complicated as the stuff I was doing at Home Depot.

I also want this job because of the hours. I can get used to the night shift so long as we can get Mike to work in the morning. I think that with this job, both Mike and I have a much higher possibility of going to school and making something more out of what we have than with some of the other jobs out there. I can also still deal poker with this type of shift since I'm done with most tournaments by 10:30 or so and I'm sure I can arrange so that I'm definitely done by then with all the ones in the future.

I want this job and I'm putting all my energy into hoping I get it (even though it's dificult for me to do that). I want to make it through monetary wise until I get start getting paid again.

That's going to be the hardest thing right now. I just bought new shoes and I probably shouldn't have, but they were one of those things that if I hadn't, I would have been thinking about them non- stop. I've pulled money out of paypal to help cover them though. I sold things on ebay and the money from those paid for my new sweater (which is one of my new favorite pieces of clothing) and my new shoes, so I don't feel as guilty about buying them.


I should probably not ramble anymore. I generally do a new years resolution post, but I haven't come up with any other than getting a job and fixing this situation.

The other good news is that come November, my car should be paid off and that will free up some money as well.

Here's to hoping.

Blessed Be.

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