Money woes again
Monday, Jan. 22, 2007 ~ 12:18 a.m.

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So ... for the first time this "winter" the snow has fallen to the point that it did stick. Unfortunately, there is not enough of it and it will be gone by the end of tomorrow. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be somewhere around 44 or so, but that's alright. I was hoping that there would be enough of an accumulation that I might be able to collect a small amount of the untainted powder in a container to keep inside with me, but it's not really deep enough for me to do that.

I've been worrying about money. I think I might see if I can borrow some (to help cover the beginning of the month) from my mother. I hate to ask since I still owe her money from last year and the trip to California, but she knows the situation, and I think that, if we scrimp as we've been doing, we can afford to pay her $50-$100/month once everything gets back on track.

Heh. Money's so much on my mind that I decided not to go to the nail place and get them to take my nails off nicely, but instead decided that my dremel is close enough to one of their machines that I can use that. I put the finest sanding drum that I could find on there and sanded the fake nails off my fingers. It actually did a pretty good job. Of course I had to do the finishing touches with my hand file, but they don't look too bad. Tomorrow I'll do my right hand.

I'm really hoping that I get the call this ween to go get my lottery badge, because the longer I have to wait, the more worried I am that something is going to screw this up and that I'm going to be out of work for even longer. It's only been a week and a half since I turned in all my paperwork, but it seems like it's been forever.

I think I'm going to play a bit of poker before I go to bed and I'm going to stop writing so that I stop worrying myself over this.

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