Dreaming of Dave
2001-02-15 ~ 18:27:44

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Okay . . . so I just woke up . . . (yes, I know it's 6:30) . . . and I had this dream, and since I had the dream, it's gonna go in here.

A little background info for this dream first.

Dave is a friend of mine who used to live down near San Diego, but he moved out to Colorado, and right now he's not liking his situation much.

In my dream, I find myself somewhere that reminds me of Vacaville (the town in Northern California where I grew up), and I find myself thinking about Dave, wondering how he's doing. SO I decide to go over to his house, which is just across the creek from where I am . . . it's a house that his parents just bought, but they were out of town.

So, I find my way to his house, and think no one's home. Instead of waiting outside, or going away, I just walk into the house.

The room that I walk into is big, with a door in the back and a door off to the right side right next to a set of stairs going up. The front door (that I came through) was on the right side of the room. The furnature in the room was strange. To my left, there was a large bed, queen or king sized, and in the back right corner, there was one of those bowl type chairs with the big cushion. There was an entertainment set up in the back left corner . . . it was similar to what he had set up in the room upstairs of his parent's real house except it's also got a 5 disk cd changer that's in some sort of plastic drawer.

Anyway, thinking I'm alone, I go and turn on the tv, which turns on the vcr by itself. I find a set of videos on the floor by the foot of the bed, and I pick them up. One of them's labeled "friends and family" and I put that one into the vcr. It turns out to be an interactive video . . . sort of like a website . . . so I wander around in there, looking at the friends section first, and I realize it's not really Dave's tape, but Ilich's (another friend of ours). The first friend picture is of my brother which I find rather odd, then realize that's probably because my brother dated his siter for a while . . . I go through and I see lots of people I know . . . and some I don't . . . a lot of the friends videos took place at my old high school (WIll C. Wood), including pictures of my old "best friend" keith (which I'm happy to announce, no longer get's me depressed . . . I wonder if that means I'm really over him) . . . one of the video clips was of WCW's marching band, including the flag team that was there when I left the school, though I didn't recognise the band director.

After all that, I decided to put on a CD before continuing, so I took my CD case that I had brought with me and openined the litte plastic drawer, pressed the power button and put in my two CD's from Tori Amos' "To Venus and Back" CD and pressed play. The front of the cd player had a plastic cover on it . . . like the things that omputers sometimes have in auto shops to keep them from getting dirty.

So then I go back to sit on the bed and wander through the video again. I go to the family section, hoping to see pictures of Shanti and Jiddu (Ilich's sister and brother), but instead, there's videos of Dave and someone else trying to do some building project. After the tapes done, I figure that someone would be getting home soon, so I take the tape out and turn the vcr off, at which point the tv gives some computer-like error message about not being able to find something,a nd promptly turns on the playstation. I don't notice this quite yet as I'm trying to get my cd's out of the cd player. But, the cd player is like mine and in order to get all the cd's out, you have to press stop, but I didn't and it would only give me the cd that it wasn't playing. I don't think to press stop, so I just leave my cd in there. That's when i realize the playstation is on. I turn that off and get another error message, then the tv does stuff with the cd player. At this point I'm ready to leave.

I head toward the door, and some guy comes through the side door by the stairs. He doesn't seem surprised to see me. He has long brown hair, and he's kinda scruffy looking. He walks in the room and goes to sit in the "bowl" chair, and he says to me:

"So you're Hollie. What do you think of me?"

I just stare at him for a moment, then say "who are you?"

He get's up then and says something about having to move something and he heads out the front door. At this point, I hear a short passing conversation outside the door, then it opens and there's Dave. In my dream he has his long hair back and he's wearing a baseball hat. He's also much much taller that I had remember.

He's shocked to see me, but not about being in his house. We hug, and he picks me up with the hug and carries me farther into the room before putting me down.

We have a short conversation. Something to the effect of:

me - "How are you?"

Dave - some vague answer "how are you?"

me - "the same as last time. What's been going on since your last email? I've been worried"

Then I don't remember.

The next thing I know, he's gone off into another room, and I'm laying in a makeshift bed on the floor (like what I've been sleeping in lately in my own room) and he comes in with this small jar full of some brown powder and a small funnel. He sits down right next to me, and pours some of this powder into funnel. I look at him, and he looks at the jar and says: "I know . . . but it's powerful stuff"

The jar had a label that said something about not needing to eat 'cause all the nutrients were in the powder . . .

And that's when I woke up.

Next entry I do will be about reality . . . unless I get more dreams, or something significant happens to me . . . or some such.


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