Physics Dream
02-19-01 ~ 20:33:47

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Hey . . . this "remembering dreams" business is picking up . . .

When I woke up about an hour ago, I remembered this dream . . . I should have put it in here right then, but I lagged

Okay . . . so what I remember from the dream is this

I was taking the physics class that I had been taking last semester and dropped 'cause I didn't have the time to put into it.

This particular day, there was a test, and there were these guys in the class who didn't think I could pass it. There was another girl who needed to borrow a calculater and the only spare one anyone had was an hp, and she didn't know how to use that, so I offered to take it and let her use my TI.

I started the test and I was taking about 5 times as long as everyone else which is strange 'cause I'm usually one of the frist one's done. I'm drawing out all the little diagrams that I need for this system (it was a force test) and I'm doing them all nice and neat. I don't even get done with the first problem and times up. The boys are snickering, and I go to hand my test to the teacher who happens to be my old manager, Felix.

He hands it back and says that I'll get to finish it next week and that my diagrams are too small. He shows me some examples of good diagrams, and all of the examples are huge, and extremely messy. I can't understand why those are good diagrams while mine weren't 'cause mine were nice and neat and correctly proportioned.

I take my test and go home. My dad's there and asks if sometime by tomorrow night I can find him this pair of shoes for his class or ask one of the nicer guys in my physics class if he could borrow his. I slip my shoes off and hand them to him. They were thesen platform type flip flops that were an ugly combination of grey and blue, but apparently I had to wear them to physics. They were "required physics shoes"

He tries them on, then looks at me and says "last time I wore these I broke my foot" I then say something about how the other guy's shoes are the same and go off to work on the test. I pull out about 20 pieces of paper, figuring I'd use one whole side for a diagram, and the other for actually doing the work on the problem.

I start on the work and realize that I have 8 pages done already and I haven't been there that long, or at least it seems that way.

And that's where it ends.

This dreaming stuff's fun.

Until then


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