Monday, Feb. 19, 2007 ~ 4:24 a.m.

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So, I just got home from work (I've been working 8:30-4:30 for the most part). It was an interesting day. I guess it started out yesterday morning after I left work. I decided that since Mike didn't want me to wake him up this time, I'd go to Denny's and get a quick breakfast. The guy who waited on me was nice and paid attention to when I needed more water. During breakfast, I overheard another employee talking with a couple at another table about tips. She said that the worst tippers there were from the College and that my server had helped 12 of them at one table and that they had him running all over the place to help them. When they left, they left $1 for a tip. Apparently the twelve of them couldn't come up with anymore to give him than a buck. My meal was a little over $7 and I had a 10 and a few ones in my wallet (from my tips). I left him the $10 and paid for the breakfast on my card. I was just in a giving mood I guess.

So, I came home and went to bed and all that. Then on the way in last night, I was a little early and on my way across the parking lot when some guy yelled at me asking if I had a cell phone. Well, I grew up to not really trust strange men yelling at me in the parking lot at night, so I said no. He sounded desperate as he told me that he had a guy there that must have fallen and cracked his head open. Now, the thought running through my head was that people have done all sorts of strange things to get other people close enough to hurt them, so I wasn't going to inspect any closer. I did see a guy laying there though, so I let the other guy know that I would go in to get some help. That's just what I did. I ran in and found the closest "cage" (since I didn't see any security before I got there) and asked the vault lead to call security because this guy was out there. She did and I went back out to make sure that security found him (he had fallen between two cars and that parking lot is dark and big). I had given them an idea of where to find him, but it was too cold to leave someone out there like that.

By the time I got back out there, the guy had regained some consciousness and was able to answer some questions. I directed the security team to the area and they found out he had been drinking and he said something about being diabetic and was telling the other guy to not touch his stomach (the other guy was trying to keep him from moving and trying to get up ... it looked like he hit his head pretty good).

At that point, I went in to put my stuff away and clock in. I was a little late, but I let them know why this morning and they're going to make a note of it (even with all that, I was only 4 minutes late, but that's late by their standards).

So, the rest of the night was fairly uneventful other than I had two people give me some really good tips. One lady gave me $20 and another guy gave me $10. I also had a few $1 tips.

Heh. It's the rule of three. I gave someone $10 in the morning and got back $30 that night.

All in all, it was a good day and a half .. or so.

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