Killing Demons?
02-20-01 ~ 15:10:20

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Killing Demons?

Not hardly, but they are coming after me with a shampoo bottle . . . . well it was a rock first until I tried to hide in a bathtub . . . okay okay . . . here's the details

Me and a group of people from my last high school (I went to 3 different ones incase you didn't know) went to this guys house . . . I knew him at that school too . . . his name was Kurt . . .

I wonder if he'd be proud that I dreamt about him . . . probably not if he knew what he was doing in the dream . . . anywho . . .

So he picks about 5 of us from the group to follow him outside . . . I'm in that group, and I have a funny feeling about being there . . . so I kinda hang back to go out the door last . . . as soon as the first four are outside with him, he picks up this rock and goes about cracking them all on the head . . . I stand there, mouth open and watch this, until I realise that he's seen me, then I hurry and close the sliding screen door and the glass door and lock them both . . . he throws the rock at me, but it bounces off. I just stand there and look at it for a moment, then I he takes off for the front door, and I run through the house to shut the door, but I only shut the screen door.

He comes up and slashes the screen door once, then backs off . . . . I back up, but I don't leave his sight . . . he paces like some mad wild animal on the other side, and I take off down the hall . . .

There's a few doors at the end of the hall . . . a bedroom, a bathroom and a master bedroom . . . for some reason I think the master bedroom is the place that he'll least likely find me, so I go in there, knowing that he's probably inside the house right then, and I head for the master bathroom. Now I can see what I'm wearing . . . I have some light colored dress on and some dark grey fleece jacket on . . . Once in the bathroom I think about hiding in the cabinet with the towels, thinking I could fit, but then I decide that I'll hide in the bathtub. I try laying down on my stomach so I could get most of me in there . . . at that moment, he comes in and heads toward the bath tub . . . I sit up thinking that there's no way he could have seen me . . . but he heads back towards the door . . . and I quickly lay back down again, but it was too late . . . he came back, and grabbed a shampoo bottle . . . he said that if I had taken off the jacket he probably wouldn't have seen me . . . then he hit me on the head a couple of times with the bottle, and I faded into unconsciousness . . . the last thing I think before the dream goes black is that I'm gonna wake up and save the rest of the people when he's not expecting it . . . that'll show him . . .

then I woke up . . . but I'm going back to sleep now . . .



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