My poor car
02-21-01 ~ 15:58:32

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What's up with geocities? . . .

Anyways, yesterday I remembered a second dream after I went to sleep again, and I tried to post it yesterday, but my isp was being mean and wasn't letting me do anything right . . . so here it is

I was somewhere on the east coast visiting with a friend . . . and my roommate and her boyfriend were with me, and my brother somehow shows up there too . . . I don't know who it is that we're visiting . . . at any rate, I had parked my car in a driveway across the street and we're inside the house . . . we're just hanging out and stuff and it starts raining really hard . . . after it stops, my brother said that my car is underwater . . . I just shrug it off 'cause the top was up, and I just figured it'd drain . .

Later I was with my roommate and her boyfriend in their room and they started arguing about something . . . so I get up and leave and head towards the other part of the house. I pass the side door and there's the friend and my brother standing there looking into the neighbors drive and laughing. The friend looks to me and tells me my car is underwater . . . I say "I know", then she says "no really, it's all underwater, look" . . . so I go over there and look, and there's my poor car in a different driveway than where I parked it . . . the top broke and a piece of it's on the trunk, and the rest had fallen back to open up the car.

From the door, I could see that the car was full of water, so I rush out there to try to put the top back up . . . when I get to the car, I see that the top had actually broke into 4 pieces, two of which fell into the car . . . and I go to open the car door to let the water out, but there was no water left .. . . on the front seat of my car were a whole bunch of picture frames that had been sitting on my dash (no, I don't really keep frames on my dash . . . I just did in the dream)

I go about trying to put the top to my car back together . . . the back window had broken cleanly through the middle, horizontally . . . and the top part had also broke in half . . . the only part still connected to the car was the curved part including the top half of the window . . . after I finally get all the pieces in the right place, the front window breaks as if someone had thrown a ball through it, but no one had . . . then the top falls apart again . . . then I wake up.

How's that for odd?

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