Death in Dreams
02-23-01 ~ 19:17:41

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Dreams . . . and death . . . . or . . Death in dreams . . . *shivers* . . . another odd dream to ad to the collection

It started with me and a friend just hanging out with two guys in their car . . . then we decide to split up . . . my friend would go with one guy, and I'd go with the other, so we go to a shopping center parking lot so we can get the other car. Me and the guy get out and into a nice yellow convertable. We start to drive off and a guy comes out of the store near where the car was parked. He runs after us yelling at us to get out of his car. We ignore him and drive faster, but he is keeping up with us really well . . . I start telling the guy I'm with which directions to turn to get away from him, and we do.

We're almost out of the parking lot to the main street when everything around us disappears, and it's black. Moments later the car we're in is hit by what seems like a super fast speeding train. And we die instantly . . . when everything disappeared, we had crossed into the realm of the dead, so we didn't have far to go when we did die.

The next thing I know, we're on the ground in the place we were killed. It seemed that the work of the dead was to shred paper in a gigantic paper shredder. From down on the ground I could see what it was that hit us. There was this two car train like thing . . . and they'd stop infront of the paper shredder . . . the first car would gather energy until it had a giant ball of dark blue energy with white veins running through it . . . then the energy transfers to the second car turning into sheets of paper, then the paper gets dumped from the second car into the shredder . . . then it would take off and come back a little while later and repeat the process.

The first time I saw the train type thing, it wasn't going fast at all, so I couldn't understand how it had killed up, then when it came back the second time, it was going so fast, it was almost a blur.

Then I'm taken to another place, and I'm watching people I know . . . I get to watch each of them die . . . One of them is stuck on a rock in the ocean, and there's whales surfacing nearby . . . the first glimpse I get is of a sperm whale, then the next time, the whale is much cloer to my friend and it's a humpback whale. It splashes water at my friend, knocking her off the rock, at which point, she gets hit with the tail and drowns . . .

Another friend somehow dies in the forest . . . getting hit with a tree . . .

Then the last one that I watch, I get to see a few times. Each time, I get more detail on how he died . . .

The first time I see it, all I see is him walking into the kitchen, and a knife on the floor standing blade up.

The second time . . . I see him walk into the kitchen, knife on the floor . . . he's chewing on an apple, there's other people in there (like there's some sort of part going on) I see him smile and pick up the knife . . .

The third time I see it all . . . He walks in with that cheesy "I'm gonna impress someone" smile, sees the knife on the floor and picks it up. He looks around at everyone and says "watch this" . . . he holds the apple in his mouth and tosses the knife into the air, then moves under it, attempting to make the tip fall onto the apple, but he misjudges . . . and it stabs into his throat.

The next scene is in the house of the one who died in the forest . . . . it's in his room, and he's there, but his dad (who's also in the room) can't see him. There's two quilts there . . . both attick window quilts like the one I have . . . they bothe were in blues like mine too . . . one belongs to the girl who got killed by the whale . . . the other belongs to the guy . . .

On the girls quilt, there's a whole bunch of whales in the "windows" and on the guys quilt, there's lots of different types of trees. My mother had made these quilts, and they had foreshadowed how the person would die.

Thankfully that's all I have to watch.

Next thing i know, I'm looking at a computer. I know I'm not alive, so I reach out my hand to see if I can move the keyboard towards me . . . I can't at first, but then I manage to move it . . . so I decide to check my email. I have one from my brother . . . it's an html email . . . the font style isn't consistant, and the lettering is white on a black background . . . it said something about how I wouldn't be able to read it . . . and that mother refuses to talk about anything real anymore . . . she just doesn't want to think about it . . . she's lost her mind in a sense and chooses to live in a fake world where everything is good . . . she won't go to work anymore, and no one can really reach her . . . she sits around all day, staring at the quilt she made for me

I hit the reply button to reply to my brother, and started typing . . . I don't know what I said, but I sent it, then woke up.

I felt like crying when I woke up . . . I felt like crying just now as I typed all that stuff about my mother . . . and how she was acting . . .

But that's it . . . so until next time.


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