02-26-01 ~ 20:16:41

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Here's what I remember . . . . yes . . . another dream . . .

I was out on a boat with my stepdad, and it wasn't just any sail boat . . . it was one of those huge wooden boats, like from back in the 1500's or some time . . . I forget their name though . . .

Anyway, we weren't the only one's on this boat, the whole boat was packed. The most detailed part of the dream was when the wind seemed to be blowing hard (that could have just been because the ship/boat was moving so fast) and one of the sails right at the very front came loose. So my dad and I go up there, standing on the outer edge of the railing, and we try to tighten the sail. Everyone else there is just staring at us and not helping at all.

There's a rope flapping around for some reason (I don't know anything about boats), and some how, my dad and I get knocked off the front of the boat. I grab ahold of the rope, and my dad catches a hold of my legs. We hang there for a moment before I lose my grip and we splash down into the water. Surprisingly we aren't hit by the boat, and we're just floating in the water.

After about a minute or so, I see the boat starting to turn around. My dad's still holding onto my legs, and I shake him off and start swimming in really fast, tight little circles. I guess it was to draw attention to where we were. My dad then grabs me to make me stop, and I hit my head on a large piece of red colored wood, and I start to sink.

I come back to the surface and hold on to the wood. The ship's still coming toward us, and then I wake up.


That's it for the dream world of today . . . . I've been busy online lately. I decided to move my webpage, The Rose Garden, to Geocities blocked remote image linking, so both this diary and my messageboard had broken images, and that didn't make me happy. But that's about all that's new . . .

Except that Richardson is now back online, and him and I have been on a search to find old high school buddies of ours. We've found some, and are still searching for others.

But that's that.

Until then.


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