to the vet's office we go
Thursday, Mar. 01, 2007 ~ 8:50 a.m.

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I got a call on the 27th to confirm the vet appointment for all four cats on the 28th. The voicemail said the appointment was at 6:45 and I remembered making it for 5:45 (of course the woman who I made the appointment with also looked at the wrong month at first and had to call me back to reschedule the appointment from 5pm to 5:45pm). 6:45 was fine, that just meant that Mike and I had more time to goof off before the appointment and would just have to eat dinner later in the evening.

Anyway. We had a plan. The plan was to put the carriers out a day or so in advance so that they didn't all scatter when we went to put them in the lovely plastic boxes with handles. (We have some pretty decent sized carriers with two doors. Makes it much easier to get the critters in and out.) The other part of this plan was to close all the doors upstairs before we started rounding them up so that they wouldn't be able to hide under the bed. Once they're under there, they're difficult to get out.

Part one of this plan worked well. Part two ... well, not so much.

About half an hour before we needed to be at the vet's (only 5 minutes down the road) Mike and I finished up one the computer and the xbox (both of which are in the bedroom) and started to close the upstairs up. Once everything was closed so that the kitties couldn't push the doors open, we headed down stairs to ever so lovingly put them in the cages. We got downstairs and could only find the two bigger, older cats.

Apparently, sometime while I was on the computer and Mike was playing hockey on the xbox, the two little critters snuck into the room and under the bed. They knew that they were headed back to the vets. I was able to lure Loki out with cat treats and Mike grabbed him once he finished eating them and took him down stairs. Rhea also came out that way until she heard Mike coming back up the stairs. It then took a combination of a laser pointer and me poking her back end to get her out from under the bed. Luckily, she was camped out near the foot of the bed where I could just reach her.

We packed up all the cats and carried them out to my car. Four cat carriers (well, two large cat carriers and two intermediate sized carriers found in the dog section anyway) and two people can fit in a cavalier so long as one of the carriers sits in the lap of the passenger.

In the waiting room we had two stacks of two cats. If we had two more cats and carriers, we could have had a mini pyramid of cats. We got to the office right at 6:45 and were finally called in to the exam room at around 7:10. The rest of the evening there was pretty uneventful. The kitties got weighed, then we had the tower o' kitties while we waited for the doctor to show up. (Loki was king of the mountain. He was also the lightest.)

Rajah's 23.1 lbs, Luna and Rhea are both 13 lbs and Loki is 10.1 lbs. Rhea's new nick name is roly-poly. They all got their rabies and their feline distemper shots. The vet appointment sucked up the last of my tax return, but they needed to get their shots and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I think that they've all forgiven me for stuffing them in boxes and putting them in the car to drag them to be shot.

The vet said that they might have had one or two cats in Rajah's size. (That was the first time I've taken him in to the office)

Both Rajah and Luna have lost a few pounds since their last vet visits. Maybe the kitties are making them exersize more. Even if it is against their will.

Once we got home, Mike and I lined up all four carriers and opened the doors all at once. We wanted a race to see who was going to run out the fastest. I think it was a tie between the two little ones. As soon as those doors were open, they shot out and raced to the couch (which, by the way, has enough cat hair under it to build another cat. I pulled it away from the wall looking for the little ones earlier in the evening). Rajah was in third, but it's a lot of effort to get all that moving. Luna was the only one that took her time and she didn't even run away from the carriers. She strolled around and sniffed them.

I think I'm going to go to bed now.

G'night... good morning ... whatever.

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