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03-06-01 ~ 12:12:37

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Just a short ramble before I head off for bed for the day . . .

Cody and I talked all morning today . . . and he had a very curious mind, and asked me questions . . . some of which really made me think . . . Some of them were very hard to answer . . . we talked about past loves and things like that . . . some of the questions I found very hard to find the answer for.

It's good to have him back online again . . . now if only I could figure out where Tracy disappeared off to . . . *smiles*

I think I'm going to write a short story about the dream I had yesterday evening . . . Many of the details are already there, and all I need to do is fill in the rest, and perhaps change a few things so that they aren't as strange . . . it would be a fantasy based story, though not dark, like my current short story project . . .

Perhaps I'll start on that when I wake up this evening . . . after I check my mail and message boards of course.

Things in the realm of role playing haven't changed that much . . . though with Cody back, he also brought his character, Elkor, back to the game . . .

We shall see how things go with that.

But for now, I think I'll be off to sleep.

Until then


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