Selling RP and Copyrights
03-11-01 ~ 22:46:12

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ooooh . . . so, so tired . . .

*points at the time* . . . it says 10:46 and some odd seconds . . . . and that's pm . . . now . . . I've been up since about 2:30 this morning . . . that's much too long for me to be awake.

Today's song of choice:

Damn me father, for I must sin . . .

Four centuries of this damned immortality
Yet, I did not ask to be made. Why?
I will never again fell your sun upon my face
Or the comfort of a grave
I am not alive and I am not dead
This is Hell on earth

How can I possibly explain this eternal youth?
When I can do nothing, but sit by
As my loves grow old and wither
And with each of them, take a fragment of my heart
And prolonging this endless winter
It is October's perpetual agony
It is the shadow realm

Father, please forgive him
For he knows not what to do

With every victim I pray for my own death
And as much as I love the night
I curse the moon's eerie glow
This bloodlust that drags me to forever
The toxic rays of dawn that condemn me to limbo
I am forced to dwell in grey Autumnal twilight
I am suspended in dusk

Suspended in Dusk by Type O Negative

That song right there is one of the absolute best songs . . . . mmmm . . . doesn't hurt it much that Peter Steele sings it . . . that man . . . *just melts at the thought*

Anyway . . . the reason for picking that song today is for a couple reasons . . . (this whole entry is pretty much gonna be all RP related . . . so just deal )

So anyways . . . some guy got ahold of Dhari today and asked if we wanted to sell Exodus . . . which would mean that everything we had done would them be copyrighted to someone other than which ever typist created the stuff . . . he said that we'd still be able to play our characters and all . . . but everything we did we wouldn't have rights to . . .

I admit that it would be a cool thing to have a new video game made from stuff that we'd just created, but I don't think I really want to hand over copyrights to someone . . .

I did learn quite a bit about copyrights though . .. and other rights that writers should be aware of . . . I found three really good links that I'll put at the bottom of this entry.

The second reason has more to do with me personally and one of my characters . . . *smiles* . . . my character, Loretta Wood, has had her last meal as a human . . . at the moment, she is Bound to Adrian through a blood bond . . . and hopefully by my next entry, she will be the second Tzimisce to be living at Exodus . . .

I so can't wait to start playing her as a Tzimisce . . . *chuckles*. . . it'll be so much fun . . .

Adam (Adrian's Typist) and I talked quite a bit about all sorts of stuff tonight . . . I finally told him that I did know some about the Tzimisce, since I have the clan book and all . . . he's gonna get the updated version and let me know if it's something I should get too . . . I'm probably gonna get the Lasombra and the Giovanni clanbooks next . . . I was thinking about getting the Toreador clanbook, but I have enough info on Toreadors already . . . I just have to remember where the file is.

heh . . .anyways . . . I have to sleep now . . . or else this isn't gonna get posted . . . 'cause I'm gonna fall asleep here soon whether or not I actually go to bed . . . . so . . . I guess I'll ramble more when I wake up.

Until then


The links:

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (Oct 20, 1998)

10 Big Myths about Copyrights

Overview of Rights that Affect Writers

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