Choking fish?
03-14-01 ~ 04:51:23

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I think my cichlid is choking . . . have you ever seen a fish choke?

On the other hand, can a fish choke? It's not like they have to get air to their lungs . . . they don't even have lungs . . . they just have to get enough water over their gills to pull the oxygen

Maybe it's just acting weird 'cause it was finally eating. (Stop looking at me like that . . . I couldn't find his food to feed him . . . besides he kept picking on my algae eater who was doing nothing to him . . . just sitting against the side of the tank like usual . . . but anyways)

I haven't written in here for a few days . . . I guess part of the reason is that Exodus has really picked up . . . and me and my (to quote an online friend) "eight billion characters" are caught up in a good portion of what's going on.

Of course, I don't really have 8 billion characters . . . I only really have 8 characters there . . . plus two "accessory" characters . . . you know . . . pets of my characters . . . I think my friend is just jealous 'cause I can keep all the voices in my head straight.

Basically the reason I'm writing in here at this particular moment is because I'm still trying to think of a good way to respond to Adrian asking Loretta if she'd accept his gift of immortality . . . if she wasn't bound to him then she would try to run off screaming . . . since she's a little chicken human . . . . but she is bound . . . and since the Tzimisce are masters of the blood bond, he's made it so he's more of like a paternal figure to her . . . . so here's the entry that I have to respond to:

*Adrian stood there, his arms at his sides. Slowly, two openings appeared along his rib cage. The skin peeled back to reveal two mouths, each with a pair of pearl colored fangs jutting outward from them.*

"I will not lie to you. You are going to die. However, it must be of your own free will that you be reborn again unto me. Blood of my blood. Flesh of my flesh."

*Adrian stood there, statuesque. His pale white flesh glowed softly under the torch light, like some mad angel loosed on the world. Michelangelo’s David brought to life in horrifying glory. He held his hand out to Loretta, staring deeply into her eyes.*

"Do you accept my gift?"

*looks at that entry* . . . Adam can always make almost anything sound somewhat sexy . . . I don't know how he does it . . . perhaps it's he whole "pale white flesh glow[ing] softly under the torch light" . . . damn him . . . *chuckles*

but anyways . . . here's what I'm thinking of posting as a response.

Feeling complete trust in him, she raised her hand, placing it in his and nodded.


Though that doesn't seem like it's enough. On the other hand, there's not much else I can do to answer. . . .I already described how she felt and looked in the post before his (which was in response to an even more sexy post of his . . . damn him again)

Oh . . . I almost forgot . . . while I was sleeping after I posted the last entry, I had this kinda strange dream . . . I don't really remember the dream, but I remember the ending dialogue . . . the dream included two characters that I role play with . . . Dhari (the self titled "mary poppins" of vampires) and Prince Lucius Tebius (Adam's other character) . . . so here it is:

Dhari - Picks up the phone and called the Prince's chambers

"Techguy" - Answers "Prince's chambers. How may I direct your call?"

Dhari - "yes, I'd like to speak to Prince Tebius please"

(in response a very evil sounding voice belonging to the prince)

Dark voice - "The Prince is not here."

(evil looking eyes in view)

Dhari - Looking irritated and thinks about feeding from the prince, then she looks scared that she acturally thought that . . . "I should like to speak with him"

Dark Voice - "The Prince is not here. I won't be here until I have drank of your blood."

(evil eyes again)

The End . . . the evil sounding voice sounded really cool though . . . I'd almost say that it could compete with Peter Steele's voice . . . almost . . .

*scratches the tip of her nose in thought*

I think there was some other things I wanted to mention in here, but I really don't remember what they were . . . maybe I'll remember before I go to bed this evening and do another entry, but for now, I think I've rambled enough.

Until then.


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