Keanu and Murder
03-15-01 ~ 05:40:44

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I know what I forgot to put in yesterday . . . I was going to put in some song lyrics . . . it was only three lines, but they go so well with the Tzimisce thing I've got going on in my role playing right now

Awake to the sound as they peel apart the skin
They pick and they pull
Trying to get their fingers in

We're in This Together by Nine Inch Nails

The reason that goes well (if I haven't mentioned it already) is that the Tzimisce are flesh crafters basically . . . the only thing is that they wouldn't have to try to get their fingers in . . . if one of them got a hold of you, you won't look the same when they're done . . . that's guarenteed.

But . . . I'm off track . . . which is rather hard . . . since I don't think I was on a track to begin with, but that's alright . . .

I woke up about three hours ago, and I'm still yawning and stuff . . .

Oh . . . the track . . . yes . . . tonights train of thought is going to run on the dream track I think

I had two interesting dreams, and I thought I'd see if I remembered them both. I remember the first one better than the second one, so I'll start with the second one before I forget it completely.

Setting/background: In the dream, I have a friend who just left her husband, and both of them moved out of their house which looked very similar to my parents house. Her and I are back in the house, and my mother's there, and we're packing up christmas decorations, trying to figure out who's is what.

Dream: I have a pile of things infront of me and my mother passes me a box for a mug that's sitting in the pile. I open up the box and see that there's a bunch of mini candy canes of all types standing up on it. I think this is odd, but I dump them out, put the mug in, pour the mini candy canes back in the box and put it aside . . .

After a while of just that, my friend and I go into the kitchen and we're talking about what she's going to do now, and she points to a picture on the refridgerator.

"Isn't he just gorgeous?"

It's a picture of Keanu Reeves. I just kinda look at her and nod.

She says something about how he's always been her dream guy, and that she can now go after him.

That kinda ends that scene.

The next thing I see is her and I at some party by a pool next to the beach. It's this fancy millionaire's party, and everyone that I can see happens to be all dressed up. I think this is crazy 'cause we're on the beach and by a pool. People should be wearing bathing suits like me.

I'm wearing a bikini (wishful dreaming on my part. They just don't make the tops big enough . . . don't you dare comment on that Tracy) and over the bikini I'm wearing a pair of net shorts that don't really do much to cover anything, they just look nice. Both the bikini and the "shorts" are a dark navy blue color.

I'm talking with my friend about god only knows what, and I get the urge to go over and do something to this other lady's hair . . . she's got a style kinda marge simpson-ish, except it comes to a point at the top. I walk over there and start bending her hair around into odd shapes, but none of them want to stay that way . . . they all just fall. So I just put it back straight up, and head out to where our stuff was.

On the way out, I see who's party it was . . . Keanu Reeves . . . he's sitting on some steps and wearing sunglasses and swimming shorts, and that's it . . .

My friend catches up to me then and I notice Keanu getting up and walking our way. I don't say anything to her 'cause she'd flip out. Our stuff is sitting on a towel in the grass under a tree (odd for on the beach, but what can I say . . . it's a dream)

She finally see's him and get's all quiet. He comes up to us and seems to recognize me. He asked me if I was the one who managed to quit smoking so easily (I don't smoke and never have, except it was true in the dream) and I nodded yes. So then he tells me he's trying to quit, but there's all these things that he feels and he asks me if it's normal and all when you first stop to feel the way he was, and I say yes and explain to him what he needs to do so he doesn't get back into smoking . . . and by this time, a whole bunch of people had gathered around us and were just watching.

And that was the end of the dream . . . the second dream was slightly more disturbing . . . it's one of those that most people would consider a nightmare, but silly me, I don't scare easily.

Setting/Background: I'm living in a house similar to mine now, though it's a little bit different structurally. Dana and Kristi are both also living here, as well as two or three other people . . . a couple (man and woman) and possibly a child of theirs . . .

Dream #2: The first scene I see is the couple in the house being murdered. Nice opener right?

Anyway, the murderer (who I can't see) kills the guy some how, and hangs him from the beams near the ceiling. There's a series of ropes up there and a ceiling fan. The relatively stupid lady just stares, but doesn't run. I get to see what he does to her.

The first thing he does is chop off her head . . . it does that roll-bounce thing on the ground. Her body slumps against the wall in a corner, but she doesn't bleed much . . . yet. Then the murderer goes over to her (he's using some sort of huge knife) and he starts to slice her arms. He starts at the shoulder and slices down, creating what looks like a steak, but he doesn't cut it all the way off her arms. So now she's got these flaps of skin and muscle hanging from her arms, but she's still not bleeding. He then goes and does the same thing to her legs. It's almost as if he was looking for something under her skin.

He doesn't find it and leaves the house. It's then that she starts bleeding.

Shortly there after, I come home. I remember finding the two, and a note from Dana saying that he'd be away for a while.

Kristi comes home then and see's everything, but she doesn't freak out like she usually would. She tells me that she's going to go to a friends house, and tells me to have fun. I just kinda look at her like she's nuts and start rambling about how I couldn't believe that he would leave when there was a murderer loose. She invites me to come with her.

A new scene interrupts this one. I see three bodies hanging from the beams near the ceiling. A man, a woman and a child. Both the man and the woman are hanging by their necks, and the child's hanging by it's arm. All three of them are still alive. They're all connected by a rope system, so if one of them tries to get down, the other two would move up unless it was done a certain way. The problem with this is that the child is directly under the fan blades (which are running). With the first move by the woman, the child moves up and loses her fingers in the fan and she screams. There's a look of pure anguish on the woman's face.

Then it goes back to the other scene.

Kristi had a cab waiting and was calling for me to hurry. I ran upstairs and grabbed a briefcase, then ran back down again. I made sure to lock the front door, then I went out the garage door, stepping over the filleted woman. I shut and locked that door too, then shut the big garage door. As I approached the cab (which was more like a carriage than a car. The seats for passengers were small and completely open . . . no doors etc, and the whole thing was black) Kristi saw the briefcase and yelled at me for bringing something to her friends house like that . . . she said it was disrespectful. I almost argued with her, but I just decided to run back and put it in the house.

I get to the front door and find it open slightly. I think this is odd, but then brush it off as just forgetting to close and lock it.

I push the door open and there's a man there. He turns around with some insane smile to his face and he stabs me in the stomach with a knife, then he goes farther into the house. My jaw drops, and I turn, still holding the briefcase and see the cab starting to back down the driveway. I put a hand over the wound in my stomach, but the blood keeps coming. I raise up my briefcase trying to get Kristi's attention, but she thinks I'm just waving, so she waves back.

As a side note to the dream, I was wearing my black overalls and my maroon, grey, black and white shirt. The murderer in the house was some old roommate of Dana's that he had thrown out, and he had come back to take revenge . . . oddly enough though, he looked like the main guy in the show Three's company.

So that's the type of thing that floats around in my head at night. Perhaps I should seek some councelling . . . but of course, that wouldn't be any fun . . .

I think I've typed enough now . . . and I'm going to go try to respond to another of Adam's posts . . .

*Adrian pulled her close, her body pressing tight against his. The tiny mouths bit deeply into the flesh of her abdomen. There was a momentary flicker of pain, then all was lost in the sheer ecstacy of the Kiss.*

*Adrian felt the blood flowing into his body, like tiny rivers of warmpth slowly spreading out through his chest. His pale skin flushed as the blood brought human life back into his undead form. His head tilted back, mouth slightly agape. His fangs glistened as his eyes swam in sheer delirious pleasure.*

*The blood continued flowing, the whole of her essence pouring into him. It was all so much. He reached out and touched her mind with Auspex, linking to her and spilling his own thoughts into her head.*

Damn him and his sexy posts . . . maybe I just have this vampire obsession . . . who knows . . .

At any rate . . . I'm off to try and be creative . . . or something . . . I'm sure I'll have more to ramble about later.

Until then.


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