Magnets vs. Auto Pilot
03-16-01 ~ 15:49:22

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If you're male, please don't take offense to any of this . . . please? . . . I promise I still love you.

What's the connection between guys and my *coughs* ass? Pardon the language and all.

The connection lately seems to either be the guys hand, or the guys fingers . . . (pinching . . . sheesh people . . . get those minds up . . . out of the gutter)

I think maybe there's some sort of built in magnet in humans . . . one pole (you know . . . North/South type poles) in the guys fingers/hands and the other pole in both the females ass and in her breasts.

It's either magnets, or guys hands have an auto pilot built in.

I prefer to think that there's magnets built in just because it seems that guys just can't help themselves, and once the hand is there, it stays. Unless of course there's some outside force applied (i.e. a slap from the hand of the ass/breast's owner).

There could also be arguments made in favor of it just being an auto pilot thing.

For example. the auto pilot is switched on if the guy thinks he might have any chance at all to get away with it. Or maybe the guy's just some masochist who wants to get slapped.

I keep mentioning slaps, but I've never really slapped anyone. I did come close once. I just can't do it . . . it's not in me.

The thing I've found that works best for me is that narrowed eye glare. You just kinda look at the guy and they start to get nervous . . . shifty eyed . . . and eventually they'll remove the offending hand on their own free will

Then of course there's those cocky bastards who'll leave it there just because of that glare. At which point I'm forced to remove their hand myself.

At any rate, I don't really know why I did an entry on this . . . it just felt like a good thing to do . . . *smiles*

I have two dreams to share with you all, but those can wait until next time . . . since they're kinda long again . . . though my dreams are always kinda long. My poetry teacher seems to think that the reason I always remember so much detail from my dreams is that I write poetry and stuff and I have to pay attention to detail . . . which I suppose could be right . . . it does make sense.

But anyway.

Stay tuned for the next entry to be titled Busses and Beer.

Until then


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