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03-18-01 ~ 07:47:40

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*scratches the tip of her nose lightly*

I think that the Busses and Beer entry will have to be postponed until tomorrow . . . or perhaps later today . . . I don't know . . . there's another dream to add to those two, which I've titled Scrying with candles . . .

That's not going to go in here either.

I had a rather creepy dream for me last night. I suppose it was sort of like a nightmare, but I don't really feel that scared feeling that most do with nightmares . . . and it didn't produce enough of an emotional response to be one of the emotional nightmares I used to have.

Now for a bit of a background to the dream.

I had a brother named Matt who died two and a half years ago. He was 12 when he died and incase any of you are curious, he had leukemia. He was the middle child of three sons that my father had with my step mom. I didn't live with them, but I think I was probably the closest to him, besides Josh (who at the time Matt died was only 4 and a half). His older brother, Dave, used to pick on him . . . Dave was only 14 when Matt died.

But that's enough of that . . .

On to the dream.

There was something I needed to do. I had to actually leave the house for once, and on top of that, I actually had to drive to go do this thing.

So I go and get in my car (with its expired tags) and start driving down this street which looks like a residential street.

I don't see what I was looking for, so I start to pull out into the main road to go down to the next street. Then I realize that it's kind of like the layout of the tract that I lived in up in Northern California.

Anyway, I'm pulling out into the street, and just then I see two cop cars. One heading in the same direction I am on the main road, and the other pulling out of the next street over. I feel this panic 'cause my tags are expired, so I try to turn down the next street, but I can't seem to do that. I don't know why, my car just won't go.

I'm able to turn down the next street after that though, and there's a school type place there. It has normal school type buildings, and older, dark, gothic looking building, and a ball field.

The buildings are all on the left, and the ball field is more straight ahead on the right a bit.

Anyway, there's a bunch of kids in the street that I have to try to drive through, and it's very slow going. It's almost as if they don't see me, so I have to get the attention of all of them before they'll move.

When I finally get to a place where I can park my car, I see that I'm right next to the gothic type building and the ball field.

Right away I see a few people I know outside of the building. I start to head toward them when I notice a familiar face out on the ball field. It was Matt.

He saw me and started coming toward me with that big goofy grin he used to have. When he got close enough, he waved and said "Hi Hollie. Surprised to see me?"

He looked older now, about my age, or maybe two to three years younger than me, but not the 7 years that he actually was.

I can't do anything but nod and stammer out "But you died."

That doesn't seem to register with him, and he sort of ignores it. He comes up to give me a hug, and whispers something about how he's always loved me. That should have been a good thing to hear, but for some reason it spooked me. I smiled anyway, and I told him that I had some people I had to talk to over infront of that building. He then goes back out to the ball field to play some more.

I wander over to the building, but the people that were outside were gone, so I went inside.

The inside of the building was dark. Mostly dark wood on the walls and the floor was also in the same dark wood. There were some red velvety fabric accents here and there on the walls and the furnature was also the red velvet. There's a stair case that goes up halfway to a landing, then turns around in the opposite direction to continue up the rest of the way. On the wall where the landing is, there's a picture. a portrait of a man. He's old fashioned looking. Dark and mysterious. Beautiful eyes though. He seems to fit well with the house (which is what the building now seemed to be, though why it was on school grounds is beyond me).

The house at that point looks relatively empty of people.

The man in the painting actually lives in the house, and he comes out of the door that leads to the kitchen, and I go to him and introduce myself. At this point, some thoughts come into my mind. I see him and a girl, and I hear this music (a song I've heard before, but can't seem to remember now). I see the two of them, and they're sort of acting out the song in my head. It's strange because I now see him as a vampire, and I never would have thought the song could be about a vampire, but it seems to fit perfectly as I see it in my mind.

When I come back to "reality" the house is full of people. There's a party going on and I see the people that I was looking for. The party had apparently been going on the whole time, but something had blocked it from my mind.

My friends commented on how strange I had been acting. I was afraid to tell them about my brother though.

One of my friends, a female, pulled me off to the side and said that she had seen my brother and that it was kinda spooky. I told her that I had seen him and what he had said, and she started to look scared.

I stayed in the party scene for a while longer, not really getting into the party and enjoying myself. I didn't see the guy from the painting again, but I did see two guys that I had known a long time ago. I can't remember where I knew them from (I so wish I could though . . . one of the guys was a sweetheart, and I realize now that I miss him) but they were familiar, friendly faces from the past.

I started to go over to talk to him when the female friend from earlier came over and said something to me. I don't know what she had said, but I had to leave.

I walk out and start heading to my car. My brother appears again from the ball field, but he doesn't look as loving anymore. He's got a pair of scissors in his hand and he starts running for me. I just start to walk away, but just before he reaches me, I turn around, see that he's planning to stab me in the stomach. I fall to the ground, and his momentum makes him tumble. He missed me with the scissors. Before he could get up, I took the scissors from him.

At that point, people started coming out of the house to see what was going on. I guess I had screamed or something.

At any rate, they just stand there looking at us. My brother gets up and pulls out a wicked looking knife. It's got a black handle, curved blade with a serrated edge. He comes after me again and tries to stab me in the stomach. Someone from the crowd of people comes over and tackles him to the ground, but Matt catches my belly button with the tip of the knife.

Once he's on the ground, Matt doesn't move. The other guy (who wasn't one of the people I knew from the crowd) just lays there for a moment.

I go over and take the knife from my brother's hand, look at it a moment, then use it on him. I stab him, pushing it all the way into his chest. He then begins to fade away into a green smoke which then fades away into nothing.

I just sit there for a moment staring at the spot where he had been, then I look over at the crowd of people. Well, at my friends in the crowd of people and sorta explain.

"If any of you noticed I had been acting strange, that's why. That was my brother Matt. He had died a few years ago. He shouldn't have been here."

One of the guys that I recognized, but didn't get a chance to talk to came over, sat next to me and just held me.

And that was it. There was another dream after it that was related to it. But I was just trying to get a guy I knew to read the newspaper story about the incident. He looked at it and made some comment about how it was too long so he wasn't going to read it. I tried to force it on him, and he pushed me back into a tree, really hard.

I was going to try one more time when I looked toward the sidewalk where we had been standing, and a car was driving wierd. The car pulled up to the curb and knocked over the trash can next to where we had been.

And that was the end of that one.

I think though that I've given you enough to read. I'll put the other three dreams up later today probably.

Until then


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