Busses, Beer, and Scrying with Candles
03-19-01 ~ 02:49:08

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Alright . . . it's 2:50 or so in the morning and I haven't really slept since 6 or so yesterday morning . . . I'm really tired, but I wanted to put up the dreams that I said I was gonna put in here.

Anyway . . . tonight has sucked . . . but I guess that's 'cause I just don't feel good. I typed all of these dreams up earlier, and I'm just cutting and pasting . . . so they're probably written better than this first little blurb.

The first one is the "Busses" Dream, the second is the "Beer" dream and the third is the "Scrying with candles" dream . . . just incase some of you only had an interest in certain ones . . . they're separated by a blue "line" of alternating ~*'s.

I'll be back in all my glory tomorrow . . . . or something.

Dream #1 - Busses

at school . . . looked more like a cross between Will C Wood and the oceanside campus of Mira Costa . . . I was taking a bus around the campus to get to where I parked my car (like I usually do at CSULB), but at the stop before I needed to be, the bus stopped completely and made us all get out. Then it parked in the parking lot and wouldn't let anyone else get on, but wouldn't say why.

So I'm standing there in the parking lot waiting for the next bus that has to be coming at some time when these two guys come up to me. I know them both in the dream. One of them I don't know well, and the other one I seem to have a major crush on.

The one that I have a crush on asks me if I can help him. He's got a math question about fractions. I take a look at the stuff and it seems very simple, but I don't say anything about that, I just explain it to him.

As I'm doing that, the other guy walks off, leaving me there with this gorgeous guy, and no bus to take me away.

Me and the guy decide that we want to walk around some since we don't think the bus is coming at any time soon. We start out walking into the school . . . just walking and talking . . . . we talk about anything and everything . . .

Near the end of our wander around the school, we're passing some portables, and my old manager, Mr Goldenberg comes out seeming all worried about the bus situation . . . making comments on how his students shouldn't have to wait that long. He wanders off still muttering about that and I look to the cute guy and hold up a set of keys . . . they're my old Cash Office keys from my first store with a skeleton key instead of just my door key.

I tell the guy that they're all I really need to get around in the school. He makes some comment about how I probably shouldn't have those 'cause Mr Goldenberg is a stickler for the rules. Mr Goldenberg then come out of the portable in front of us and takes the keys from me.

"What are you doing with those?"

He then goes back into the portable coming out moments later with no keys. Me and the guy head back down to the parking lot, and Mr Goldenberg follows to make sure a bus was coming. The guy keeps asking me questions about myself.

Finally we hear the rumble of a rather large bus as the "substitute" bus comes down the hill. It stops where we are, and the fumes coming out of the back are almost unbearable, but we all walk down the steps and around to the side of the bus that we would enter from. The bus was full though, so we had to stand on this platform on the side of the bus.

I remember at some point in the dream promising someone that I would ride inside the bus.

Anyway . . . Mr Goldenberg went to the door of the bus and thanked the driver for coming on such short notice. The guy was standing just behind me. He kinda had an arm around my waist as the bus started moving kinda to help protect me from falling off (there were bars for us to hang on to as well) and then he asked if I would go to dinner with him.

End of Dream.

Dream #2 - Beer

I'm living in an old victorian style house . . . Kristi and Andrew are my two roommates there . . . Kristi's away for some reason . . .

Anyway . . . I come home one day and one of our old roommates comes back. She automatically clears out Kristi's room of stuff. As if she's not coming back. She sets up the room with her stuff . . .

I come in and look shocked and ask what she'd done with Kristi's stuff . . . she just kinda shrugs and said that she put it in the back room. I explain to her that she shouldn't have done that and all . . . then I go downstairs and go to get something to eat . . .

It gets dark and all, and as I'm heading back to the stairs I bump into someone, which causes the two of us to scream. We laugh, but still cling to each other incase anything really is out in the dark of the house.

Andrew gets an idea to start making noises to try to scare us which doesn't really work. He laughs and we yell and stuff at him.

The next scene, I'm sitting on Kristi's bed (which is now downstairs) looking at something and Andrew comes in. He wanders over to me and looks at the same thing I'm looking at which I think is a calendar. He makes some comment about this being his last free day 'cause he's going into some military service but he's gotta figure out how to get this pair of really tight little shorts on first. He tries right there, and ends up falling over my lap.

We have a short discussion, mainly him telling me how he's planning on spending his last free evening . . . getting all smashed and such, then he leans over and kisses me . . . this goes on for a while . . . getting the whole tongue action thing going too . . . it's almost like I could actually feel his lips again . . . but anyways . . . someone walks in and interrupts us. She doesn't look happy at all . . .

The next scene is Andrew and I again, and the girl walks in and questions us both . . . answers come out as to the nature of the relationship . . . which, like in non-dream time . . . isn't serious . . .just messing around type . . .

Then I find myself in a big farm like dining room, still in the house from the previous scene . . . it's my brother's 21st birthday (scary thought) . . .

Everyone's all haggard looking . . . lots in strange dirtstained robe type things . . . . we're all served this soup . . . it's good, but I don't know any of the ingredients, except for potatoes . . .'cause all I can see clearly are wedges of red potatos.

I'm eating, but I'm getting full, and hand the rest of my bowl over to someone else as my brother comes in. He gets his bowl, then when he's done, someone hands me this pitcher of liquid. I remember having an irish accent when I made some comment about the little glass bulb being inside the pitcher being from Karl Strauss Brewery in San Diego (apparently, we weren't anywhere near the US even)

I took out the little glass bulb and gave it to my brother. At that time everyone called out "Happy Birthday", and he drank it. Once it was all gone, his head kinda turned into this yellow smiley face thing, which gradually showed blood and bullet holes until you couldn't see the face anymore . . . at which point it went back to the whole yellow smiley face and started the process over again . . . like some animated .gif set to loop infinitely.

Dream #3 - Scrying with Candles

This one's set back in time . . . during the witch trials and such . . .

This dream, I'm not a part of, but I'm watching it as if I were a movie camera filming it . . . you know, sometimes up close, sometimes seeing it as a whole.

Anyway . . . there was a guy in a deep purple cloak kinda hanging, tied against this pole that was on the center of some strange burning platform. It had three places where someone could put their feet, and the rest was open to the fire below.

This platform was in the center of a circle of cloaked people. They were wearing beige colored cloaks. I could see the faces of none of these people. And all this is in a forest clearing.

Then a man wearing a dark brown robe type thing comes into the scene looking extremely offended by this and proceeds to slaughter everyone standing in the circle. He uses a knife/sword type thing (what's with the knife dreams lately?) and pretty much makes everyone unrecognizable . . . chopping them up and such.

Of course here, there's not much blood, and the bodies just kinda look like piles of pink, white, beige mush.

The guy then turns to the purple clad person on the platform, but there's no person anymore . . . just the cloak.

He looks around, a little bewildered, then he begins to look worried that he might have done something very bad indeed.

At this point, the purple cloaked person reappears in the cloak on the platform and laughs. He pulls the hood back and he's a relatively young looking middle aged man . . . he's got dark brown hair and a short beard. He spreads his arms out (lifting the sides of his cloak slightly) and the bodies reform into their original shapes.

The guy who had done all the "killing" then knew that he was definitely in trouble. He dropped the knife/sword and ran off into the forest.

The purple cloaked person sent people out to look for him, but none of them could find him, so the whole group went off toward the little village nearby (where the brown robed guy was from).

They get to the village and the brown robed guy's family is there . . . a mother and a daughter. They welcome the group in to the village and let them stay in the house.

The purple cloaked guy explains the situation to the family, and they accept it and say that they'll do all they can to help find the brown robed guy. It's night then, so there's not much they can do.

Some of the group sits outside doing various things. One of them sits off by herself, and the daughter of the family comes out to bring drinks to people. She brought a drink to the one sitting off on her own first, then finally to a pair that was closer to the front door of the house.

This pair was arguing about something, but they were also blowing up plastic inflatable things . . . like rings and fish. They were putting these things on some sort of black pole . . . and the female of the pair (there was a man and a woman arguing) got upset about something and shoved stuff on the pole a little too hard, popping one of the rings that was on it.

Then the next scene is the next day.

This is when the mother and daughter can help the group.

They go out to a special place behind they're house where they have some sort of wax map on the ground, and two large, up-side-down pointed pillar shaped, black candles hanging from ropes from the branch of a tree above it.

The mother and the daughter each take one of the candles and start it swinging . . . They wait off to the side, explaining to the group that they're scying for the mans where abouts.

Every now and then one of the candles stops above a certain point, but only for a second. Once they both stop, the daughter gets down on the map and draws some lines, based on where the candles stopped.

From that info, they decide that the man is to the east of them, and the group, the mother and the daughter all go off looking for him.

And that's the end.

So there they are . . . I think that might be a lot to read in one sitting . . . but that's alright . . . at least they're posted now.

And now I'm gonna lay down and pass out I think. I'll do a real entry tomorrow/later today.

Until then


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