What is Reality? Part 1
03-22-01 ~ 06:25 p.m.

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Anyway . . .

So . . . What, you might ask, is Reality?

*pauses as a wave of gasps and whispers passes through the stunned crowd*

Yes, yes, I know . . . I'm finally getting to the entry I kept saying I was going to do who-knows-when.

Of course this means that I'm going to have to rewrite my profile a little bit, but that's nothing.

Anyway . . .

People always seem to like the idea of real and reality. Well, maybe not always. For example when "reality" is harsh and the person's having a hard time, but generally people are comfortable with it. But I wonder how many people have actually questioned reality to find out what it really is.

Could reality be different for each person?

Could our reality just be a dream for someone else?

Could we just be following some script of a person's imagination as they write a story on a simple sheet of paper?

It would be impossible to tell because no matter what the truth is, it's going to hide itself from us and make us think that reality is plain and simple, with no hidden little ideas or some grand puppet-master pulling the strings.

Side Note: I think I'm going to stretch this entry into three separate entries . . .

The most simple of the three scenarios above is probably the last one. We're merely characters in a story, created by the hand of a talented writer.

And, perhaps this story is read all over the world and each reader brings it to life in a different way. Creating us in their mind, which might very well account for the different cultures in our reality.

Right now these thoughts are still new, so they may be a bit jumbled.

A question comes to mind.

If we are a story, why are there so many people? . . . Surely a writer wouldn't have so many characters in one story.

This brings two possibilities.

The first is perhaps we all exist because the characters need to know people, and those people need to know people, and eventually you have a whole society that is never even mentioned in the story.

The second posibility is perhaps the writer is some great author who's written a whole series of books about some world, each touching on different aspects of it, bringing in new characters (which all need to know other people etc.) and the like.

Perhaps this is a bit more complicated than I had originally thought . . . but interesting none the less, and I still think it's the simplist of the three that I mentioned.

The most complicated by far is the first thoguht that I mentioned . . . each person living their own reality. I'll be explaining my thoughts on that one last.

But for now I think I'll be setting this topic aside until tomorrow.

Keep reading.

Until then


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