What is Reality? Part Three
03-24-01 ~ 09:13 a.m.

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What is Reality? . . . Part Three.

How can you be sure that what you think you heard is what I think I said?

Before I get into that though I have to ramble on about what's been going on in my reality since the last entry . . . . 'cause I'm still in a very good mood from it.

So, the first thing . . . As I mentioned in yesterdays entry, I had an interview last night with the Manager at Home Depot.

We were talking in the interview and he asked me what my major was in school, and I told him.

He had noticed my shark necklace right away. Any time a shark show comes on TV, he watches it. He loves sharks and thinks that what I want to do would be really cool.

I have to go take a drug test sometime today . . . before 7 . . .

and yes, that means I am now once again employed . . . it's only part time of course, but that's alright . . . 'cause I'm making $10/hour for just being a cashier.

The manager is really cool and he told me that he wished he would have gotten ahold of me sooner so that I could have been at yesterdays orientation and I could have started work today.

I've finally got myself into a work situation where there's mostly guys . . . and cute guys at that . . . *smiles* . . .

Reason number two.


I got to talk to Jason last night . . . yay me . . . he says he's back online for a while . . . and I found out that the reason he locked up his diary is because of the geocities image thing . . . stupid geocities.

So, I'm happy for that . . . and Tracy also finally managed to wander back online last night . . . so, I got to talk to him too . . .

The last thing that happened yesterday wasn't exactly a good one . . . I had Ryan come look at my diary . . . to read the reality entries so far . . . and out of 58 other entries, he had to pick the one that he shouldn't have seen . . . the Valentine's Day entry.

He got upset 'cause I put in there that the fact that he doesn't like to take no for an answer scares me . . . it would scare any female . . . . I think anyway . . .

He wanted to know why I didn't tell him, and I told him that it was "because I'm a horrible person who doesn't like to say things like that to people . . . and I didn't want [him] to stop talking to me . . . and . . . I'm just a horrible person who's really really bad at that stuff."

Apparently he agreed with me because he went offline and didn't come back. . . . not until later that night, by which point I had sent him a message saying that he must have agreed with me and that maybe I'd see him online sometime later . . . and took him off my visible list on ICQ . . . so he didn't know I was there . . .

But . . . then I had the interview at Home Depot and my day got better.

*scratches the tip of her nose*

I think this is gonna be a long entry . . .

How can I be sure that what you think you heard is what I think I said?

I don't know if you heard what I think I said . . . perhaps what you think you heard is something so completely different then what I actually said.

This also goes with sight.

Perhaps you see a blue color, and I see a red color, but we both call this color red, so then I think that you're seeing the same thing as me, but you're really not, but we're calling it the same thing.

This is really difficult to explain online . . . hell, it's really difficult to explain in person too.

When I was a freshman in High School, I was in a conceptual physics class . . . and we were doing stuff on Optics . . . we did this one demonstration thing . . .

I was actually the demonstration tool . . . I had to stand on a chair in the middle of the classroom, and people looked at me from different angles . . .

One friend of mine, Kerry, actually got up and looked at me from all sorts of different angles . . . . she said that I looked different depending on where she was when she was looking at me

So, who's to say that different people don't see things differently . . . . or maybe they see things the same but their brains interpret things differently.

Oh hell . . . I don't know . . . perhaps reality is just as it seems . . . nothing strange to it . . . but it gives you something to think about . . .

Maybe I'll think more on this and do another reality entry sometime. . . .

Until then.


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