Another December entry
Whacky weather and other such things

Thursday, Dec. 07, 2006 ~ 10:14 p.m.

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Loki is laying down sleeping in front of my altar. It's like he's trying to guard it or something. He's adorable, and would be even more adorable if he quit being a bastard toward the other cats and just left them alone all the time.

I was off today and I'm off tomorrow (all except getting up early and taking Mike to work so I can take Lilly to school). I'm going to work on moving a small book case over to the bedroom to put the various magickal research books as well as any computer books into. I'd rather keep those things in here than in the other room.

Saturday I have to work all day at Sears, then run to Smyrna to deal, but we need the money, so it's something that I have to do and it will help a whole bunch.

My credit seems to slowly be getting better. I just have to work on paying one card down so I can get rid of it (as it has the most fees associated with it). I also have to work on not using the other one. It's not so bad. A good portion of the balance on that card was from getting the new phones which have a rebate associated with it.

Loki's on the desk now. I don't mind him up here either. It's nice to have a purring cat lay between the keyboard and the monitor. It's relaxing.

I'm not doing very well with the whole getting back to working out thing. Apparently I just don't have the will power to do it, but I have to. It will definitely help me feel good on a regular basis even before I lose some weight. Mike wants to go on the diet I went on last year, at the first of the year. I'm not sure if we'll be able to do that on our current budget, but it would help us both lose weight and feel better.

When I was on that diet, it didn't take long for my body to adjust to less food, but healthier food and I found that I had less heartburn and more energy for the most part. I have got him started on taking vitamins though, so that should help.

I'm off on Sunday, and I think that we'll be putting the christmas/Yule decorations up that day. The weather is supposed to cooperate, but I really don't know what it's doing here lately. December 13th is calling for a high of 60 degrees. Apparently Delaware thinks that it's Southern California this year. We should not be having 60 degree weather here in December.

You would think Loki was teething or something. that little boy chews on everything, but he never really chews on anything hard enough to damage it. And, we've broke him of the habit of chewing on lamp cords. That one scared us.

I got a new ring during our employee night at Sears. This ring retails at $199.99 (so it would generally sell for $99.99). It was on an introductory offer at $59.99 and the day of our employee night, the ring went half off of that (so $29.99). Then, with my 20% and the additional 10%, I got the ring for $21.49 or so. But, I had to get it sized up a few sizes which brought the total up to $85 or so, but it's still less than it would have been regularly (plus having to get it sized). It's a ruby and white sapphire ring in a flower pattern that looks sort of like a poinsettia. It's pretty and I like it. I felt that I should have something with my birthstone in it and I generally don't do rubies because they're usually set as hearts (being red and all). These are lab created rubies, so they're very clear and the whole ring is sparkly.

I am doing better with the whole diary entry thing though. Perhaps sitting down to write almost every day for a whole month has worn off on me. Once November ended I found myself slightly sad since I didn't have to work on my story anymore. I need to finish filling in the holes, then put it away for a month or two. I don't know if it will turn out to be any good at all actually, but at least I've done it and I'll probably continue to do it every year for years to come.

Anyway. I should probably go to bed since it's almost 11pm and I have to get up shortly before 6 to take Mike to work.

'til then.

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