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Friday, Dec. 08, 2006 ~ 10:15 p.m.

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Hey look, another December entry.

Today was interesting. I didn't go to work. Mike wasn't feeling well, so he didn't go to work. I was up at 5am though when the alarm went off and in that time, I decided to sign up for a month at and start a family tree.

I emailed my Grandma Stough and she gave me the email of one of her second cousins who knows more about the ancestry of that part of the family.

I found my Grandmother's mother's father's (my great-great-grandfather I think) registration card for the world war I draft.

I found out when my mom and my dad were married and that they were married in Florida of all places.

And that was all in the first day.

I still have to hear back about the Cerino/Mason side of the family. I figure, the further back I go, the more information I might be able to find.

ANyway. I should probably think about going to bed since I have to work tomorrow from 9-5, then deal tomorrow night. At least the tournament's in Smyrna, so it's not too far away.

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