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Monday, Jul. 21, 2008 ~ 3:01 p.m.

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I need to lose some weight. Realistically, I want to lose 60 pounds in the next 15 months. That's a mere 4 pounds per month. That is more than do-able. If I can lose the 60 pounds sooner than that, that's great.

I have a wedding coming up in 15 months and I want to like my pictures. The last picture of me that I absolutely loved, was when I was 60 pounds lighter. I don't not like myself now, but I know that I should lose the weight. I'll feel better and I'll look better and maybe I'll be an inspiration to my other half who also wants to lose weight.

We eat well. We aren't the healthiest eaters around, but we have healthy snacks and we cook with healthy ingredients, but every now and again we allow ourselves to have a treat. If we don't allow that, I've found that I tend to eat more of the treat than if I tell myself that I can have it if I want it.

My personal plan is to walk. I plan to walk 3 times a day for 10 minutes. The trip around the block in the neighborhood behind us takes approximately that long when walking at a decent pace. I plan to do this 5 days a week (not walking on weekends). I also want to try to incorporate some other form of exercise at least twice a week whether it be with the balance ball or the jump rope.

I have quit Curves and hope to be more motivated with this. (I quit curves because I wasn't really going. The sold half of the space they were in and turned it into a salon, so the area to work out in was small and repetitive. I liked it better when it was a two room operation. At least then I felt like I was accomplishing something. I don't generally like working out next to someone else and with only one "room" there often wasn't enough space between me and someone else.)

Anyway. I just wanted to put this up someplace so that it was stated and not just in my head. Oh, and for the record, my starting weight is approximately 240.

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