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Hey . . . lookit that . . . it's just past midnight . . . I really meant to do this entry earlier, but it just didn't happen I guess . . .

I spent all day today doing laundry and reading.

I had four loads of laundry . . . I usually only have one. . . . I've just been really lazy I guess . . . but . . . it's all done now . . . and I probably won't be able to find a thing to wear tomorrow.

c'est la vie.

This is probably the most interesting thing that's happened to me since the last entry . . . I had a conversation over Yahoo Pager with a "real" Vampire.

I'll post the conversation, but I'm gonna take out his screen name . . . I'll call him 'g' . . . just because . . .

Here goes:

g: hi

_crystal_rose_: hello

g: how are the games goin

_crystal_rose_: I'm losing . . . .*smiles*

g: that bites

g: will u be happy if i let you win in a game

_crystal_rose_: nah . . . I knew I was gonna lose when I started playing tonight . . .

g: ok

g: whats with the profile

_crystal_rose_: what do you mean?

g: it says that your 837 yrs old, your a vampriss

_crystal_rose_: I also role play . . . Rose is a character of mine . . .

g: ohh really

_crystal_rose_: yep yep

g: well my real name is victor von heinrt, and im really a vampire

_crystal_rose_: really? . . . I've always been fascinated with Vampires and what society has made them out to be

g: but we like to call ourselves night walkers

g: would you like to know the truth about us

_crystal_rose_: I'd love to

g: well most stories about vampires are pure fiction

_crystal_rose_: I would most definitely believe that . . .

g: we are human, we live a normal age, pure vampires are basically people who are albino, who cannot be in contact with ultraviolet rays from the sun

g: other vampires are people who only go out at night for the fact that they are not used to daylight anymore from being away from sunlight for so long

g: we only go out at night, we can die, we dont have fangs, but i and some others have dentally attached fangs to our canines

g: we do drink blood, but we cannot drink much, for the pure fact that the human body, cannot handle large amounts of blood in the stomach

_crystal_rose_: *listens and nods*

g: the reason for the blood consumption, is the fact that we have a strong craving for the taste and the inner-energy it gives us

_crystal_rose_: I was gonna ask that . . .

g: what greatly discusts me is people who dress gothic and imitate us. We strongly take it as a insult.

g: we are all normal people, not gothies, one of us is a computer programer, i am a soldier in the us army, one of us is a college professor, one of us is a stripper

g: since you are so deeply interested in us, i would like to ask you if you would like to join us

_crystal_rose_: *smiles* . . . I'd have to give it some thought . . .

g: and one more thing, the neck-biting thing, it doesnt make you immortal, its only a ritual

_crystal_rose_: it's all very interesting though . . . rituals have their purposes . . .

g: yes they do, the mark on our necks signifys who we are, kinda like a tatoo

_crystal_rose_: *nods* . . . makes sense . . .

g: one question, where are you really from

_crystal_rose_: right now I'm living in Southern California

g: this may be difficult, i dont know any clans in that area, i am more familiar in the ohio, michigan, indiana, and pennsylvania areas

g: you cannot be admited without the ritual, you dont need to be in a clan, as long as you do the ritual, you may start your own, with my guidance, only vons may give someone this power, also i would need for you to change your name for the clan

g: Crystal Von Rose would be fine, once you undergo the ritual

_crystal_rose_: is it just the whole gothic thing that bothers you? . . . or just those who imitate the vampire-ness?

g: the imitation

_crystal_rose_: alright . . . not that I consider myself gothic . . . there are times though that I get into the style . . . dress and make up type thing . . .

g: that is fine, i do also sometimes, with clan gatherings we only wear black, grey, white, or red

g: gothic clothing is allowed, but some stature of it

_crystal_rose_: question . . . basic beliefs . . . are their any? . . . I mean for the clan as a whole to believe?

g: yes

_crystal_rose_: do you mind if I ask what they are?

g: we understand that we all may have certain religious beliefs and we respect that

g: we all undergoe several principles

g: 1. unity - we all work together, follow side by side with each other, and protect each other.

g: 2. followership - we all must follow by a certain von(leader) we must follow his leadership, and greatness

g: 3. Companionship - we must all select a specific person to be our companion and guide, who will help us through life and existence, and you will do the same for that person.

_crystal_rose_: *nods*

g: 4. Blood and Glory - no one may attack any riteous civilian in anger or attempt to drink their blood.

g: we only drink those of the clan, or drink store bought blood

_crystal_rose_: store bought?

g: yes you can buy blood at certain stores, meat stores, grocery stores, etc. Animal blood

_crystal_rose_: Ah . . .

g: and at no time may any person involved with the clans steal from a morg or hospital human blood

_crystal_rose_: *nods* . . . that's good

g: these are the rules that we follow by, but there is far too much information to pass on to you, there is much to know about us

g: trust me we are not satan worshipers or gothies

_crystal_rose_: *smiles* . . . I know . . .

_crystal_rose_: what are your thoughts on Psychic vampires?

g: not too familiar with the idea, but i am interested

_crystal_rose_: I don't know a whole lot about them, but I know they exist . . .

_crystal_rose_: some intentionally . . . some don't even know that they do it

g: probably just gothies

_crystal_rose_: not really . . .

g: not many people know the real vampires that exist

g: we keep quiet unless we are interested in people joining us

g: anything in specific you would like to know

_crystal_rose_: I think not many people want to believe that real vampires exist . . . I've been accused of being one . . . playfully by my friends and family . . . due to my extreme paleness and my love of the night . . . just recently I took to sleeping during the day and staying up all night . . .

_crystal_rose_: I did have a question . . . is there any major differences between clans . . . . since you mentioned more than one

g: no, we all follow the same guidelines, but we do have some who are just a group of gothies, but we try to eliminate people like that, who dont believe or follow the same rules that we do

_crystal_rose_: I'm sure I'd have more questions if I was able to think some

g: ok, what is your real age

_crystal_rose_: 21

g: what is your occupation

_crystal_rose_: student . . . kinda

g: college

_crystal_rose_: yeah

g: ok

_crystal_rose_: here's a question . . . how'd you get involved in this sort of thing?

g: someone in germany who i met during my visit, told me about it so i started a clan of my own

_crystal_rose_: how many vampires are there . . . approximately?

g: the number is not known

_crystal_rose_: if you had to take a guess . . . maybe even a percentage . . . I'm just curious of course

g: well its over 5 different countries

_crystal_rose_: only 5?

_crystal_rose_: Vampire legends appear in almost all cultures . . . from back before there was a lot of traveling . . . it's hard for me to believe they'd only exist in 5 countries

g: that i know of at least

_crystal_rose_: *nods* . . . how long have you been practicing this lifestyle?

g: 6 years

g: cultures mis represent themselves in different ways, those are meir legends and history, we are the new age, the modern vampire

_crystal_rose_: how old are you?

g: 19

_crystal_rose_: and myths and legends always have some truth behind them . . . part of the reason I believe that there are real vampires is because of how wide sperad the legends are . . .

g: yes, there may in fact be real vampires, those of the undead, those who are immortal, and feed on the weak, if i ever encounter one of these i will be more than willing to join them, although i am in no position to say that they exist

g: there is one other belief that i neglected to mention.

_crystal_rose_: and that would be?

g: We believe that in the future, whether it be tomarrow or 200 yrs from now, that a pure vampire, a immortal will collect us all in a gathering and make us all immortal and send us to greatness

_crystal_rose_: is that all the beliefs/rules?

g: basically, we dont tell all, we follow by look but dont touch, touch but dont taste, you only get a taste of us, you will hear all the truth when you are initiated

_crystal_rose_: in that case . . . if I did decide to get initiated, and later, after I found out everything there is to know . . . decide that it's not "good" for me . . . then what?

g: then you have the freedom to leave, but you may only speak of us only to a interested person willing to join. We give freedom to all individuals

g: one suggestion for you though, if you ever get initiated its probably a good idea if you take night classes if you know what i mean

_crystal_rose_: night classes? . . . at school?

g: yes

_crystal_rose_: I already do . . .

g: good

_crystal_rose_: however . . . there are some classes that aren't offered at night

g: okay, understandable, we dont want anyone failing in life so do what you have to do in both aspects to succeed

g: now i must go, im thirsty

g: have a nice evening, and i will have another talk with you someother time

_crystal_rose_: alright . . . perhaps we'll talk more later

_crystal_rose_: you too . . . until then

g: goodnite vampriss

_crystal_rose_: *smiles* . . . farewell

I didn't edit that at all . . . except for the guy's user name . . .

Even with my scientific based mentality, I do believe that there's possibly some sort of vampires out there . . . the legends are too wide spread for there to be nothing of the sort.

Every culture has some sort of story, legend, figure that represents vampires . . . or the vampire types . . .

Perhaps I'll go into more detail about that tomorrow . . .

The guy got ahold of me again this evening, and we had a short conversation . . . I'm sure I'll be hearing more from him though . . . he says he finds me interesting.

But anyway, I have to work tomorrow and it's past my bed time.

Until then


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