Short ramble before tomorrow's entry
Sunday, Dec. 03, 2006 ~ 10:47 p.m.

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This is just a quick update of sorts ... NaNoWriMo is done ... and I did just fine .. sort of ...

I ended up having to type 20,000 words in the last two days and I'm a little tired of typing, but tomorrow is the 6 year anniversary of this diary, so I'll be doing a better entry tomorrow (between laundry, taking Mike to work, watching Lilly and taking her to school and going to work myself).

I did not go into NaNoWriMo with any prep done. In fact, I decided (at the last minute) that I was going to throw out all previous ideas and write something completely from scratch without any idea where it was going to go. It worked. I didn't worry so much whether it was good, I just got words on paper. As far as the words go, I'm going to go through and remove all the stuff that's not actually part of the story line itself (like random points where I started typing my thoughts on the process and where I was thinking of taking the story) and we'll see how many words of actual story there were. And, I might actually finish the story. I got to 50,126 words and stopped writing. The last couple lines were summarizing what I wanted to happen throughout the rest of the story that I hadn't written. SO, I did finish the thoughts of the story. I just haven't written them out.

I should be going to bed at the moment, but I'm moisturizing my feet. For once my heels are soft. I abused them yesterday and scrubbed off all the rough skin that I've accumulated after years of standing on my feet in boots and other more uncomfortable shoes.

It will probably take another few rounds of abuse to get the rest of the rough skin off the heels (I can still feel remnants of the roughness), but it's a million times better than it was.

I'm sure hearing about my feet is really what you wanted to do today.

The other reason that I'm not going to bed at this moment is because Rajah is in the middle of my side of the bed. He's taken over my entire blanket and has left me no room to lay down comfortably. And he looks to cute to move and disturb. I am truly a cat's well trained human.

Loki was very cute tonight too. He's gotten so tall. Friday, Lilly helped me redecorate my alter for winter/Yule, so I have my greens and poinsettia's and holly leaves out. Loki wanted to take a look at it tonight and sat at the base of the dresser (which I keep it on) and stared up at it for a while. I thought he was going to jump up on it (which is fine with me as long as he doesn't try to run off with my sage bundle), but instead, he just put his front paws over the top and tried to stick his nose over the front edge. He's not quite tall enough for that yet, but it was cute to watch him try and I wish the camera was up here.

I think I'm going to go move Rajah and climb into bed.

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