Another dream
2001-02-17 ~ 17:30:53

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yay . . . another dream entry.

Okay . . . so this dream involved my family and one of my friends.

my family and I had just decided to go to some amuzement park. We're there and we go to some show on dinosaurs that they have, then wander around a bit, then we go to another show, a laser show. We get in the place that it's gonna be, and my mom says that it's not here, so we leave, and they're trying to figure out where it is, and I make some suggestion, but that means leaving the park. My parents take that suggestion, and we all pile in the car and head out. We get to the end of the main road and turn right, at which point my dad makes some comment about there being nothing down there, so we make a u-turn and I start getting yelled at for even suggesting that we leave. They say stuff like "now we've gotta go back in there, we're gonna miss a good half hour of the show. Next time we're in a show we stay for at least the first 7 minutes to see if it's the right place." etc.

So we get back on the main road to the park and it's full of people. My dad makes some comment "Does anyone like 7th street?" I say yes and he says good, then keeps driving. We stop behind a line of people and at the end, there's all these vietnamese kids and a couple moms. My dad inches the car forward, but doesn't stop and he bumps a kid (who's holding his moms hand) and the kid starts to fall, but his mom pulls him up by his arm. My dad stops the car and starts to back up. He almost hits someone else when my mom tells him to just stop. He sais he didn't know what to do.

I guess then we just decide to leave because next thing I know, I'm in my room, and I'm not alone. My friend Sabrina and some guys are there too. Apparently my friend and I had gone and picked up some guys somewhere, and now they were back at my place with us. These guys are very attentive, or rather, they just want to get laid. The one with my friend is gonna be successful, but the one with me isn't, and at some point, he just disappears. My friend and her guy are getting to the point where they want some privacy, and they ask for it. My friend suggests that I go over to Shawns house (which is across the street). So I get up and start to leave. When I get to the door, I see a cat. She's a small shorthair, more like a kitten, and she's just sitting by the door. This apparently belonged to my friend, and I ask her about it, she just makes some strange excuse, so I set the kitten down and leave the room. My roommate wasn't home, so I just went into her room, but I could hear everything, and for some reason there was a window in my roommies room to mine, so I could see stuff too . . . but just the top of a moving back.

Once they were done, I left my roommies room just in time to see my cat, Rajah going into the bathroom. I run in there and see him sprawled out in the middle of the floor on his back like so:

He just looked up at me and meowed. I pick him up and scold him for being here. Before I can get back to my room, the guy who owns the house, Dana, came up.

Dana - "Kristi said you had cats."

me - "I don't know how he got here" I open the door and the other cat peeks her head out. "and she belongs to my friend."

And that's where my dream ends.

So . . . there you go.

Until next time.


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