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Another Dream . . . I think the whole "going back to the past thing is screwing with my mind . . . anyway . . . here goes

I was at school . . . I think it was WCW (my first high school) . . . which is sorta weird 'cause in the dream, I was on the drill team from LCC (my third high school) . . . anyway . . .

It was gonna be my birthday, and for some reason, the whole drill team decided that we should wear our uniforms to school on my birthday. (another strange thing 'cause my birthday has never been during school) So we all wear our uniforms that day . . . . and I keep bumping into people that I knew from that school . . . all of them giving me a hug since it's my birthday and all . . . one guy gives me a hug, then bites my cheek softly then kisses it before he lets me go.

The next person I run into is Steven Milani . . . an old friend of mine that I miss so much right now . . . anyways . . . I'm in my complete drill outfit . . . short skirt and all . . . and he comes up to me and picks me up in a hug . . . he also does the bite kiss thing, but the kiss lingers . . . at the same time I do the same thing . . . kiss his cheek, and for some reason I wrap my leg around him slightly. We stay like that for a few minutes, a couple lingering kisses on the cheek, then he puts me down.

One of the other team members stands there, and I walk away . . . My skirt had ridden up, and I was wearing a pair of silky, skimpy black panties . . . I leave it up for a few seconds as I'm walking away, then I look back and smile cutely before pulling it back down.

A short while later, I ran into someone who was dressed in a drill outfit, though I didn't know she was on the team . . . she looked familiar . . . . like someone I knew, but didn't like at Wood . . . anyway . . . she asked me if it was jeans day or something . . . and I said "no, it's my birthday" then she said "oh", then walked away, and that was the dream.

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