Monday, March 19, 2001 ~ 01:03 p.m.

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Oy . . . .

*scratches the tip of her nose lightly*

My computer's not behaving properly.

Well . . . not really my computer as a whole, just ICQ . . . which is really not making me happy 'cause I don't like not having ICQ

I am, however, feeling better than I was earlier this morning . . . I just felt ill this morning . . . could have been 'cause I hadn't eaten in . . . well, a while.

So now . . . what was I about to do?

Oh, I just notice the new date time format diaryland has. That's so much better. Now I don't have to worry about changing the time. The last clock was 5 hours ahead of my time. That was just annoying.

You know what I don't understand. When I talk to someone online, and I'm nice to them, they seem to think that I like them more than just for a conversation.

I had someone the other day tell me that he was sorry he didn't tell me he had a girlfriend before . . . he had actually mentioned her before, but the fact that he brought it up the way that he did . . . he was assuming that I liked him liked him. He's a sweet guy and all, but I've done the internet thing . . . not gonna do it again for a long time.

I just prefer to be nice to people. I hate being mean to people. I guess I just don't have what it takes.

I try to be nice to everyone, and yes, I do my fair share of the whole flirting thing, but I always flirt . . . and it's always completely innocent.

My thoughts on the whole internet thing is it's good to meet people on . . . good to start friendships . . . hell, you might even think you like someone . . . but don't get too attatched to the idea that this person that you haven't met in person yet might be "the one".

Things always change when you meet in person, whether it's you changing, or the person you're meeting changing . . . 'course sometimes the change is a good thing . . . but still, don't commit yourself until you can have a chance to meet in person

I think I forgot what I was gonna say next.

My ICQ's working again. I saved this entry to note pad and restarted my computer . . . I was tired of looking at that damn red flower.

I really wish I could get a new computer. I can't wait for Gerald to move down here . . . it might be strange living with him, but it'll be best for me I think . . . I won't be uncomfortable in the place like I am here.

In other news . . . tragedy strikes Karen . . . well . . . not really tragedy, but Randy broke up with her a week ago . . . I talked to her for a good long time yesterday morning/afternoon (yes, it covered both those periods of time) . . . she also tole me that Daniel and Patricks grandfather had died. That's so very sad for me to hear, but at least their grandfather got to see his great grandson before he died . . .

I haven't talked to Daniel in ages, but Karen informed me that he was engaged to the girl he brought down with him back in December.

You can read about that whole incident if you want. the December links are down at the bottom of the page. I started this diary right after that weekend.

I know Daniel wasn't seeing her in October . . . or the middle of November when I went up there to visit friends of mine (and possibly him) . . . but come the beginning of December, he did . . . and now . . . the middle of March . . . he's engaged.

If it works out for him . . . wonderful . . . *smiles* . . . but I hope it doesn't . . . I suppose that's a mean thing to say . . . but I didn't much like her (and that wasn't because he was seeing her, 'cause I don't judge people based on their relations with other people) . . . and I'd rather not know that she's gonna be his son's new step mother.

I don't think it'll work . . . based solely on the fact that they haven't even been seeing each other for 6 months.

Bah . . . look at that . . . I'm sitting here gossiping to people who probably don't even care . . .


Nothing much new in the RP world . . . Loretta's still getting embraced by Adrian . . . him and I take forever to do the threads . . . mainly 'cause we aren't on at the same time . . . it's taken almost two months to RP three nights . . . but it's fun anyway.

Rose brought the idea of Elkor being not-quite-right in the head to Dhari's attention.

Psy's still sleeping. I think maybe I'll wake her up today.

Asrana's probably lurking about the castle somewhere . . . I should probably try to figure out where I left her.

Iliana (the nutcase) is with Elkor and they're gonna torment Lothorius Blade II.

I'm probably gonna have Deacon go back to Kayla's tavern here soon.

And Xana's still out in the forest surrounding the castle.

*counts the characters to make sure that she got them all*

I think that's all of them . . . I think I'm gonna be in trouble if anyone that I RP with comes to read this . . .there's very few people who know I play all of these characters.

Anyway . . . the last bit of info is that I've started working on my new character pages, and I'm starting to work on my story based on the Sword Play dream I had . . . Hopefully I'll be able to finish it soon.

For now I'm gonna run . . . It hasn't been a real exciting entry . . . just some stuff I had to get off my mind.

I promise the next one will be better.

Until then.


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