02-19-01 ~ 11:45 p.m.

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I was just playing around with the layout of my "older" links when something occured to me.

This morning before I went to sleep for the first time (maybe around 4am), I made sure to turn off my monitor.

I don't ever remember turning it back on.

But here I am, looking at a monitor that's on. I didn't notice it when I first woke up because I always leave my monitor and stuff on when I go to bed. But this morning I had a headache, and I wanted it darker in my room than it usually is . . . granted my room's pretty dark all the time anyway (I have dark blue mini blinds that stay down all the time - maybe that's why it was so warm this afternoon when I napped again).

I have absolutely no idea how my monitor got turned on.

Perhaps my computer's possessed.

Malkavia got her new layout up tonight, and I like it. Sollertree also got a new layout up tonight . . . though it was just a test I think . . . don't know if it's gonna be permanent, but I like the picture there.

My head hurts

My head hurts, and I think I'm getting sick . . . and . . . people are making role play right now.

On top of that, I have to role play my insane character in a not so normal situation for her . . . which isn't really the easiest to do . . . . it's hard enough to think for myself right now, let alone thinking like a nut case

*just looks at you all*

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