What is Reality Part Two
03-23-01 ~ 11:12 a.m.

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Well . . . Dana pounded on my door waking me up this morning to talk . . . we talked . . . I let him know that I had an interview with Home Depot at the beginning of next week . . . which wasn't a lie at the time, but it is now . . . the interview is actually this evening at 6 . . . which is better than at the beginning of next week . . . and it's even better because it's with the store manager . . . which means that it's the last interview that I have to go through before I can be hired.

Yay me . . .

So . . . What is Reality . . . Part Two

Is it posible that someone is just dreaming about us and our lives?

We all dream. Though not everyone remembers their dreams. I'm one of those that do . . . and I like that . . . I love dreams and trying to figure out what they mean.

Call it an obsession . . . what ever.

But if someone is dreaming about us, and we're just living in this person's head, then that might explain why there was all that talk about the end of the world.

Maybe this person is almost ready to wake up, and when they do wake, the dream would end, and in a sense, so would our world. Unless of course the person could go back to sleep and continue their dream. But that's a rarity . . .

Perhaps that could account for rumors of life on other planets . . . multiple dreamers, each creating their own world.

For this and the first idea on reality, there's a question of levels of reality . . .

If someone's creating our reality, then is what that person's living the real reality, or are they like us, just a part of someone elses mind.

And so on.

Is there a top to this creative reality ladder, or is it a circle? someone in our reality creates another reality and it goes on like that until it comes back around and someone in a created reality that stemmed from ours creates ours.

*scratches the tip of her nose*

That's sort of confusing isn't it?

Alright . . . to give an example.

Some people call me a writer . . . I'm not too sure if they're nuts or not yet, but that's besides the point.

I write stories and poems. I'm essentially a story teller in a group of story tellers . . . that's really what Exodus is.

So . . . Say my character story about Rose creates a new reality that I don't even know exists (except in my head). In this reality, Rose is real. She "lives" and goes about her business, not knowing anything about me, the puppeteer.

Rose is a writer/poet . . . similar to me, except she's a vampire . . . but anyway.

Rose writes some story . . . say . . . about a guy named Bob and his writer friend Joe.

Another reality is created . . . Bob and Joe go about their business . . . Bob does his thing and Joe writes a story about Susy . . . creating another reality

Susy's daughter get's into writing . . . ends up writing a story about me . . . and that would create my reality

Of course this would be on more of a grand scale, but for the sake of space and boredom, I made a little circle.

heh . . . oops . . . I got back on the story idea . . . didn't I . . . oh well . . . I told you both the dream and the story theory were closely related.

Perhaps the dream one is the simplist . . . and the story one a little more complicated . . .

Tomorrow I'll jump feet first into the idea that everyone lives their own reality. That by far is my favorite to toss at people whenever we get to talking about reality.

Until then.


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